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Billing & Enrollment
  • Recurring subscription and one-time fee billing;

  • Custom price points and fee structures;

  • Recurring billing subscriptions;

  • Batch recurring billing and subscription billing;

  • Integrated with product status dates;

  • Financial reporting with up-to-the-minute transaction information;

  • Detailed billing reports, statistics, charts;

  • Extensive search capabilities to find transactions quickly;

  • Customized billing and transaction lists;

  • Product re-billing and step down billing;

  • Automated invoices and receipts;

  • Reconcile billing and payments.

  • Customized and standard business reports;

  • Customer, sales, financial, and product reports;

  • Reporting containing exact data fields;

  • Advanced filtering options for custom reports;

  • Detailed financial audit and reconciliation ;

  • Customer retention reports and statistics;

  • Save, archive and email reports;

  • Export reports to multiple file formats Excel, Text, XML;

  • Export reports to 3rd party applications;

  • Analytics and business intelligence capabilities.

Customers & Members
  • Unified view of all your insurance customer information;

  • Define your Customer database information;

  • Internal and external Customer database forms;

  • Add and assign Customers to Agent;

  • Setup multiple Customer products with custom pricing;

  • Setup multiple Customer payment methods;

  • View complete billing transaction history;

  • Extensive search capabilities to find Customers quickly;

  • Add, edit and view Customer notes;

  • Send custom and personalized emails with attachments;

  • Track Customer calls and interactions;

  • Upload and categorize Customer documents;

  • Automated database update tracking for each Customer;

  • Track key products dates: active, next billing, hold, inactive.

  • License and appointment tracking.

  • Real time sales commission tracking;

  • Custom product commission structures;

  • Weekly, monthly, residual and one-time commissions;

  • Advanced and split commissions;

  • Automatic commission adjustments credits and debits;

  • Track commission payments and balances;

  • View and export commission reports;

  • View and export commission statements;

  • Pay commissions electronically;

  • Print and email commission statements.

  • Customize e-commerce forms for your Customers;

  • Multiple internal back-office e-commerce forms;

  • Multiple external website e-commerce forms;

  • Real-time API and file import processing methods;

  • Define your e-commerce form questions: contact, demographic, custom questions;

  • Ensure information meets specified criteria before form is complete;

  • Instantly authorize and process credit card and check payments;

  • Automated and personalize confirmations and receipts;

  • Enter Customers using paper, phone, fax and in-person forms.

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